Therapy with Me

We all encounter times when we know we need to change something: a habit, a relationship, a way of interacting with ourselves or the world. But it can be difficult to identify what we need to change and how, and to find the motivation to follow through. Therapy is a powerful catalyst, by providing both support and compassionate accountability for making those vital changes. 

When you’re coming to therapy, you want to feel better–and fast. While I may not have a magic wand (and wish I did!), I do bring years of experience in helping clients identify personalized strategies to find a little bit of relief as soon as possible. This practice, called “behavioral activation,” can help you get your footing back, so that it’s easier to wrangle some of the more complex issues, like trauma, matters of navigating identity, relationship issues or challenges around neurodivergence that may be the cause of your troubles in the first place.

My primary role as a therapist is to help you identify what is working in your life and enhance it, as well as to find what isn’t working so you can determine, with clarity and kindness, what you want to change and how. 

I have a decade of experience using clinical techniques like motivational interviewing, mindfulness, and cognitive and behavioral strategies to facilitate personal growth and change. I believe firmly that we are each of us the author of our own lives, and that we have a right to decide our direction, even as we inevitably face obstacles and griefs that influence and challenge us in unavoidable ways. 

Mental health and substance use problems generally result from the intersection of life experience, upbringing and genetics. These experiences create additional, but not impassable, barriers to crafting a good life and often are the reason we come to therapy seeking help. I use evidence-based strategies available for addressing these conditions. 

If you are ready to take a closer look at your life and identify what habits and patterns are serving you well, and to consider changing those that may no longer serve you, I would be delighted to work with you.

I am wholly committed to providing equitable, respectful, and compassionate care regardless of race, ethnicity, country of origin, gender, sex, sexual or romantic preference or orientation, life experience, (dis)ability, culture, religious or spiritual belief.

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